All the news that is fit to print!

Ever feel like your life is in hyper drive and slow motion all at once?.. Things here are like that and I am trying to get a grip on all of it. So... since we last chatted:

Greg had a great birthday and raised $165 for Heifer International with the donations that were brought by all of his awesome friends. He is still high on the fact that he is going to be able to by a mating pair of goats for some family and that simple act will give them the best chance they have ever had at a stable life. Just think.. if each kid dedicated only of birthday to such an event like Greg did what sort of powerful change would that bring about?

We have just about nailed down the plans for the new pool. This inground pool stuff is complicated business and is taking quite a bit of time but I think will be well worth it. Last step is choosing a slide.. Cha-ching!

I got my hair cut ~ yes I know ~ I very much needed a cut but was having a hard time finding time but knew that it was a code red when I saw that last shot of myself looking a wee bit haggard and split-endy. So envision if you will.. 6 inches less hair and me looking about 5 years younger. It's a good thing! Photos as soon as my little photographer gets up in the morning.

The puppy is growing by leaps and bounds and is now 22 pounds and quite full of himself... at the moment he is running hells-bells around the room gathering all the shoes and taking them back to his cage... pardon me a moment while I go fetch my foot wear!

A bit of thrifting has been happening and I will shoot photos tomorrow... but since I am a tease, think vintage buttercup yellow rick rack, sweet little millinary birds, tatted pillow cases and milk glass in multiple forms!... ha!.. betcha come back to see that!

On the DIY front today was productive but not overwhelming. I hung two windows worth of wooden plantation blinds, installed the Hy-dit in our masterbathroom and installed recirculation vents for Claire's bedroom.

So there you go.. you know it all, now you can sleep with a clear mind and pure soul! *grin*

Desperate times

Like most there is little and at the same time much to say about the shootings that have gone on and the pain that has been left in their wake. For me it's yet another reminder that being home and keeping home are important to me. Building a safe secure place to come home to is important work in a time of instability.

So here on the homefront things have been intense but in a domestic sort of way. Stressful yes, but easy to deal with in the light of everything else. Workmen will be here again today and I have high hopes that we will soon be done with the renovations upstairs. Wed. is Greg's b-day and his party and today we are going to a train trip. Some time in there I need to get my hair cut and so does Claire. Seeeeee... I told you.. intense, but blissfully domestic.

As evidence
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I give you the wonderful package from Sharolyn... as promised in my last post. I am doing my best to share this photo out of Photobucket since it seems I have no longer welcome to post photos directly in blogger... I have no idea what is wrong!

Here is an upclose and somewhat scary photo of me wearing the great pin that she sent!
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and since we are on a roll the apron I made last week from a tea towel.. modeled by my sweet daughter with the demonic eyes ( yes I know how to fix that, i am just to lazy right now :)
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And yes, my book cases are that awful... I shall have to get to that very soon!

Once more for the folks at home!

So, lets give this a whirl. Not much time but lots of fun going on around Chez Kertay
First off, I got a package from the loverly Sharolyn as part of the First Aid swap hosted by Missy over at Crafty Carnival.... I might be in my *cough 40th cough* year but I still love to get a package in the mail! This one was no exception!

It seems that Blogger is being a butthead right now so picture if you will a wonderful priority mail box filled with *MASH* green tissue and on top there was a tiny little medic first aid kit...ohhh it was so cute. It only got better as opened the tissue. Now totally have a reason to hurt!.. three oh so cute packages of fun and funky bandaids!.. Who would not cheer up getting to wear a Strawberry shortcake boo-b0 cover! Not to mention Hello Kitty and some Thomas the Tank Engine ones that the boys have already raided! Next to that was a wonderful little pink bag filled with all sort of things that one would need in an emergency and did I mention it was pink????.. I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv pink!.. and to top it all a pin... a flower pin. A beaded flower pin!.. Now if I could get blogger to actually post a photo this would all be so much more colorful!

~ sigh~... thank you.. it's all wonderful and pictures will be up soon as blogger quits copping an attitude for me.

It's swap day!

After a bit of breakfast I am on my way over the post office to send the very cool Sharolyn her swap. Not to be a tease... but take a look at this very cool tissue paper I wrapped it in!

I had lots of fun with this little swap and sure hope that she likes my gift! I will give you this hint : The theme was First Aid, but not all emergencies are the kind that need a band aid!

In other news, Apollo is growing like a weed and a he is a very good boy at night. He sleeps from 11 pm till 7 am ~ thank heavens. This photo (above) is 3 days old and already he is too big to do this anymore. But how sweet it was!

It's all Greek to me!

Our new puppy's name is Apollo, his father was Zeus. These simple facts have added a fun twist to our homeschooling week with interest in the Greek Gods building as the little boys learned more about them and the myths that are the stuff of little boy dreams. Now mind you our year is suppose to be all about American history but I would be a negligent homeschool parent not to grab this horse and ride it to the finish line. So we have put down Thomas Jefferson and picked up Homer! I happily pulled out some of our best books dealing with Mythology, the Gods and Greek life. My top pick is D'aulaires' Book of Greek Myths. Our copy is well loved and still the first one I pull off the shelf when trying to remember the name of Persues' bride ( It's Andromeda) or some other obscure fact. The drawings are rich and complex and never fail to draw children into the stories in a way that I don't find with other books on the subject. Check it out!

Chicken Coop Decorating

This might explain why we have had trouble keeping chickens here in the kitchen!

nahhhhh I am kidding! But it is a real deal chicken brooder box, a 10 seater in fact! I got it at a wonderful local place. Anna gets some of the best architectural salvage here in Chattanooga and this piece just called to me. Be sure to know that poor Les thought I had lost my mind I am sure, but it's such a great piece and it's going to add quite a bit of storage to my kitchen. You know come to think of it.. I also got the cats from Anna...hmmmm I sense a theme here!

Swap fever.. it has a hold on me!

So I have spent a bit of time today digging through my vintage stash to see what would be of use in the Missy's First Aid Swap. My swap partner looks to love vintage stuff to.. so who better to give a vintage inspired gift!... The question is.. what to use! I have so much that it's really silly but it has been fun running through all of it dreaming of what it could become. I mean I really admire the fine hand work that went into many of the doilies and antimacassars I have but ... as far as my house goes you won't see a lot of chairs graced with frilly doilies.

First place the kids would just knock them off. Second the new puppy would then tear them to bits. But this does leave me to figure out what to do with the collection. I have used many as part of wedding shower gifts and of course some I have bundled up with sweet smelling herbs so they can sent my drawers.

I have picked my piece, now to fashion it in to a little all purpose first aid kit for a gal on the go!

What's for Dinner Monday!

Yep.. another 7 days have flow by and here we are again!.. this week is going to be pretty darn simple. The Dh is on his way to the very chilly city of Toronto Ca. and that leaves me here with the wild crew for the week. I use these times to take a little break from the wonderful world of dinner preparation. I rely on the vast selection of food to be found in my local freezer section.

Now you would think that this would make my kids happy!.. but nooooooo not my kids. They complain!.. Oh no.. not potato skins!.. oh no!, not chicken nuggets. What I hear is " can't you make some Thai Beefy Curry? or How about some steak and shrimp Kabobs?

So put on your ear muff because there is going to be some gritching coming from Chez Kertay this week. With the exception of tonight it's all frozen or take out all the way!.. take that you ungrateful kids!

Monday- To die for Quiche and a fresh mixed green salad and homemade rolls.

Tue- Sat. - Go look and see what falls out of the freezer first and then throw it in the oven - Bon apatite!

Meet Our Great Dane Puppy!

How do you like this face? Too cute hu? Well I already own the boy and tomorrow I will own the puppy! He is a 6 week old male (duh!) Great Dane. As of yet he is unnamed but we are thinking Cooper, but we also have votes for Mercury and Apollo since the Sire is named Zeus.
Anybody else want to chime in??

Dude, you rock it hard!

I remember when I was small people saying that time goes faster when you are older and I thought it was a bunch of hog-wash. And yet I am sure it was just yesterday that they handed me my first child. His little wisps of hair combed over to the side and still red from his rather vigorous "nurse rachet" style bath. But obviously time has flown since tonight my "baby" went to the prom. He was 6 foot 2 of handsome shaved head glory. Of course he put his whole own twist on the event by wearing his cowboy hat, boots and a red feather boa with his tux.

I am sure that this will now forever cement me as *THAT MOTHER* within our wider group of local homeschoolers.

A Passion for Books

I know, I am SUCH a geek. Going into book stores is still a thrill after all of these years and maybe even more so now since can petty much afford whatever I want! ( don't worry honey, I will be a sort-of-good girl!) Last nights trip to Barnes and Noble yielded these bit of wonderful!

MaryJane's Farm Girl Book- I have been lusting over this book since I got my hands on a copy of the magazine ( thanks dad!) Of course now I want to raise chickens so I am not so sure it was a good thing or not.

Sublime Stitching....oh this is so fun. I already have a smack load of her patterns but what the heck, what's 100 more patterns..more or less?

Family Wisdom by Robin Sharma. ~ Ok, it seems I have been living under a rock. I knew NOTHING about this guy but his book caught my eye and I liked what I read on the back cover so I grabbed it for some bathtub reading. ( Maddie's law- all bathtub reading must cost under $5 in case of accidental water contact) WOW!.. do I like this book. I shall snap together a book report when I am done with it.

Last.. Everyday Grace by Marrianne Williamnson. Obviously my rock is not so big that I don't know who she is. It's a book I have wanted to read for a while but not at full price ( shallow?) I have not even cracked it open yet but hope it helps on a spiritual path I am feeling more drawn to. Now when I say this I don't think you are ever going to see my tail back in the Catholic Church ( not that they would have me anyway) but there is something I am seeking, I guess I will know when I find it!

So there you go! My tingle inducing trip to Barnes and Noble.

What's for Dinner Monday!

Here at Domestic Anarchy we are going to start.. *What's for Dinner Monday!* This is a my meager attempt to get back into the groove of planning meals and shopping in a way that does not have me searching through the freezer like a mad woman come 4pm each day.

For me one of the biggest stumbling blocks in meal planning is thinking up yet another meal that will not bore my family to tears and not have me pulling my hair out. I know that many people are happy with soups and sandwiches for dinner and more power to them. I happen to desire a nice sit down meal for my family each night. This is part of my dedication in supporting my husband in his difficult job. I know he appreciates a well prepared meal when he comes home from work and this is one of the ways I can show him how much I appreciate the hard work he does.

Not that this makes it any easier at times but I do feel like I am doing it for the right reasons and therefore want to do a good job of it. Luckily I am a good cook, in fact I used to do it professionally. But a steady diet of fancy appetizers and wedding food is not something most families thrive on so it does leave me searching my cookbook collection not so much for recipes but for inspiration.

This week I am using INA GARTENS * At Home cook book for this weeks bounty.

Monday- Grilled YellowFin Tuna Salad and Bibb lettuce Salad with homemade Green Goddess Dressing

Tuesday- Mexican Corn Soup, Artisan bread and Fruit plate

Wed. No cooking for me, the hubby takes me out every Wed!

Thur -Chicken Piccata and buttered noodles with bread crumbs.

Friday- Kabobs and Pine nut Couscous with a mixed vegetable platter.

Now!... off to the store.

Bloggin for the love of it

I have been having serious thoughts about moving my blog over here full time. I really like getting to host from my own web but this format is SO much easier to use. I think I will dual post for a while and see how that works..then make the big jump when I have time.