All the news that is fit to print!

Ever feel like your life is in hyper drive and slow motion all at once?.. Things here are like that and I am trying to get a grip on all of it. So... since we last chatted:

Greg had a great birthday and raised $165 for Heifer International with the donations that were brought by all of his awesome friends. He is still high on the fact that he is going to be able to by a mating pair of goats for some family and that simple act will give them the best chance they have ever had at a stable life. Just think.. if each kid dedicated only of birthday to such an event like Greg did what sort of powerful change would that bring about?

We have just about nailed down the plans for the new pool. This inground pool stuff is complicated business and is taking quite a bit of time but I think will be well worth it. Last step is choosing a slide.. Cha-ching!

I got my hair cut ~ yes I know ~ I very much needed a cut but was having a hard time finding time but knew that it was a code red when I saw that last shot of myself looking a wee bit haggard and split-endy. So envision if you will.. 6 inches less hair and me looking about 5 years younger. It's a good thing! Photos as soon as my little photographer gets up in the morning.

The puppy is growing by leaps and bounds and is now 22 pounds and quite full of himself... at the moment he is running hells-bells around the room gathering all the shoes and taking them back to his cage... pardon me a moment while I go fetch my foot wear!

A bit of thrifting has been happening and I will shoot photos tomorrow... but since I am a tease, think vintage buttercup yellow rick rack, sweet little millinary birds, tatted pillow cases and milk glass in multiple forms!... ha!.. betcha come back to see that!

On the DIY front today was productive but not overwhelming. I hung two windows worth of wooden plantation blinds, installed the Hy-dit in our masterbathroom and installed recirculation vents for Claire's bedroom.

So there you go.. you know it all, now you can sleep with a clear mind and pure soul! *grin*


Katie said...

An inground pool!! I'll be right over!

~ Robyn said...

I am already on my floaty with a "sex on the Beach" cocktail. Surfs up DUDE! Give me 10... maybe it will make the migraine go away!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to know.

Anonymous said...
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