Desperate times

Like most there is little and at the same time much to say about the shootings that have gone on and the pain that has been left in their wake. For me it's yet another reminder that being home and keeping home are important to me. Building a safe secure place to come home to is important work in a time of instability.

So here on the homefront things have been intense but in a domestic sort of way. Stressful yes, but easy to deal with in the light of everything else. Workmen will be here again today and I have high hopes that we will soon be done with the renovations upstairs. Wed. is Greg's b-day and his party and today we are going to a train trip. Some time in there I need to get my hair cut and so does Claire. Seeeeee... I told you.. intense, but blissfully domestic.

As evidence
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I give you the wonderful package from Sharolyn... as promised in my last post. I am doing my best to share this photo out of Photobucket since it seems I have no longer welcome to post photos directly in blogger... I have no idea what is wrong!

Here is an upclose and somewhat scary photo of me wearing the great pin that she sent!
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and since we are on a roll the apron I made last week from a tea towel.. modeled by my sweet daughter with the demonic eyes ( yes I know how to fix that, i am just to lazy right now :)
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And yes, my book cases are that awful... I shall have to get to that very soon!


Katie said...

Oh you lucky duck! My swap package hasn't arrived yet, I cna't wait!

~ Robyn said...

Bookcases? We are supposed to use bookcases??? Oy!

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Darling daughter is such a cute model. Great apron!