It's all Greek to me!

Our new puppy's name is Apollo, his father was Zeus. These simple facts have added a fun twist to our homeschooling week with interest in the Greek Gods building as the little boys learned more about them and the myths that are the stuff of little boy dreams. Now mind you our year is suppose to be all about American history but I would be a negligent homeschool parent not to grab this horse and ride it to the finish line. So we have put down Thomas Jefferson and picked up Homer! I happily pulled out some of our best books dealing with Mythology, the Gods and Greek life. My top pick is D'aulaires' Book of Greek Myths. Our copy is well loved and still the first one I pull off the shelf when trying to remember the name of Persues' bride ( It's Andromeda) or some other obscure fact. The drawings are rich and complex and never fail to draw children into the stories in a way that I don't find with other books on the subject. Check it out!


Katie said...

The D'Aulaires put out some good books! When we studies vikings we musy have read Leif the Lucky 20 times. We don't have their Greek Myths book, we used an Usborne book, which has great drawings. I think my boys were most interested in the story of Prometheus, who gave the mortals fire. It's a pretty icky story but did lead us into learning about the liver, whic of course took us into the human body.
That's what I love about homeschooling, we can go where it takes us!

~ Robyn said...

We have all The D'Aulaires books. They are factual and enjoyable to look at.