It's swap day!

After a bit of breakfast I am on my way over the post office to send the very cool Sharolyn her swap. Not to be a tease... but take a look at this very cool tissue paper I wrapped it in!

I had lots of fun with this little swap and sure hope that she likes my gift! I will give you this hint : The theme was First Aid, but not all emergencies are the kind that need a band aid!

In other news, Apollo is growing like a weed and a he is a very good boy at night. He sleeps from 11 pm till 7 am ~ thank heavens. This photo (above) is 3 days old and already he is too big to do this anymore. But how sweet it was!

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~ Robyn said...

O My GOODNESS Maddie...Your daughter and my daughter have the same gorgeous shade of red hair! Very Pretty...and Apollo is too!