Once more for the folks at home!

So, lets give this a whirl. Not much time but lots of fun going on around Chez Kertay
First off, I got a package from the loverly Sharolyn as part of the First Aid swap hosted by Missy over at Crafty Carnival.... I might be in my *cough 40th cough* year but I still love to get a package in the mail! This one was no exception!

It seems that Blogger is being a butthead right now so picture if you will a wonderful priority mail box filled with *MASH* green tissue and on top there was a tiny little medic first aid kit...ohhh it was so cute. It only got better as opened the tissue. Now totally have a reason to hurt!.. three oh so cute packages of fun and funky bandaids!.. Who would not cheer up getting to wear a Strawberry shortcake boo-b0 cover! Not to mention Hello Kitty and some Thomas the Tank Engine ones that the boys have already raided! Next to that was a wonderful little pink bag filled with all sort of things that one would need in an emergency and did I mention it was pink????.. I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv pink!.. and to top it all a pin... a flower pin. A beaded flower pin!.. Now if I could get blogger to actually post a photo this would all be so much more colorful!

~ sigh~... thank you.. it's all wonderful and pictures will be up soon as blogger quits copping an attitude for me.

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