Swap fever.. it has a hold on me!

So I have spent a bit of time today digging through my vintage stash to see what would be of use in the Missy's First Aid Swap. My swap partner looks to love vintage stuff to.. so who better to give a vintage inspired gift!... The question is.. what to use! I have so much that it's really silly but it has been fun running through all of it dreaming of what it could become. I mean I really admire the fine hand work that went into many of the doilies and antimacassars I have but ... as far as my house goes you won't see a lot of chairs graced with frilly doilies.

First place the kids would just knock them off. Second the new puppy would then tear them to bits. But this does leave me to figure out what to do with the collection. I have used many as part of wedding shower gifts and of course some I have bundled up with sweet smelling herbs so they can sent my drawers.

I have picked my piece, now to fashion it in to a little all purpose first aid kit for a gal on the go!

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