A Passion for Books

I know, I am SUCH a geek. Going into book stores is still a thrill after all of these years and maybe even more so now since can petty much afford whatever I want! ( don't worry honey, I will be a sort-of-good girl!) Last nights trip to Barnes and Noble yielded these bit of wonderful!

MaryJane's Farm Girl Book- I have been lusting over this book since I got my hands on a copy of the magazine ( thanks dad!) Of course now I want to raise chickens so I am not so sure it was a good thing or not.

Sublime Stitching....oh this is so fun. I already have a smack load of her patterns but what the heck, what's 100 more patterns..more or less?

Family Wisdom by Robin Sharma. ~ Ok, it seems I have been living under a rock. I knew NOTHING about this guy but his book caught my eye and I liked what I read on the back cover so I grabbed it for some bathtub reading. ( Maddie's law- all bathtub reading must cost under $5 in case of accidental water contact) WOW!.. do I like this book. I shall snap together a book report when I am done with it.

Last.. Everyday Grace by Marrianne Williamnson. Obviously my rock is not so big that I don't know who she is. It's a book I have wanted to read for a while but not at full price ( shallow?) I have not even cracked it open yet but hope it helps on a spiritual path I am feeling more drawn to. Now when I say this I don't think you are ever going to see my tail back in the Catholic Church ( not that they would have me anyway) but there is something I am seeking, I guess I will know when I find it!

So there you go! My tingle inducing trip to Barnes and Noble.


Katie said...

I'm such a sucker for Sublime Stitching. I've stitched her designs on just about everything! Sushi on the towels, monkeys on my daughters collar, martinis on napkins ~ unbelievably cute!

Puff said...

Even at the advanced age of 50, I still love bookstores. Sadly I have to limit my book aquisitions, due to book stash, like yarn and fabric, exceeding life expectancy! Plus I want to keep every book I ever get. Not good for living in a small house.