What's for Dinner Monday!

Here at Domestic Anarchy we are going to start.. *What's for Dinner Monday!* This is a my meager attempt to get back into the groove of planning meals and shopping in a way that does not have me searching through the freezer like a mad woman come 4pm each day.

For me one of the biggest stumbling blocks in meal planning is thinking up yet another meal that will not bore my family to tears and not have me pulling my hair out. I know that many people are happy with soups and sandwiches for dinner and more power to them. I happen to desire a nice sit down meal for my family each night. This is part of my dedication in supporting my husband in his difficult job. I know he appreciates a well prepared meal when he comes home from work and this is one of the ways I can show him how much I appreciate the hard work he does.

Not that this makes it any easier at times but I do feel like I am doing it for the right reasons and therefore want to do a good job of it. Luckily I am a good cook, in fact I used to do it professionally. But a steady diet of fancy appetizers and wedding food is not something most families thrive on so it does leave me searching my cookbook collection not so much for recipes but for inspiration.

This week I am using INA GARTENS * At Home cook book for this weeks bounty.

Monday- Grilled YellowFin Tuna Salad and Bibb lettuce Salad with homemade Green Goddess Dressing

Tuesday- Mexican Corn Soup, Artisan bread and Fruit plate

Wed. No cooking for me, the hubby takes me out every Wed!

Thur -Chicken Piccata and buttered noodles with bread crumbs.

Friday- Kabobs and Pine nut Couscous with a mixed vegetable platter.

Now!... off to the store.

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