What's for Dinner Monday!

Yep.. another 7 days have flow by and here we are again!.. this week is going to be pretty darn simple. The Dh is on his way to the very chilly city of Toronto Ca. and that leaves me here with the wild crew for the week. I use these times to take a little break from the wonderful world of dinner preparation. I rely on the vast selection of food to be found in my local freezer section.

Now you would think that this would make my kids happy!.. but nooooooo not my kids. They complain!.. Oh no.. not potato skins!.. oh no!, not chicken nuggets. What I hear is " can't you make some Thai Beefy Curry? or How about some steak and shrimp Kabobs?

So put on your ear muff because there is going to be some gritching coming from Chez Kertay this week. With the exception of tonight it's all frozen or take out all the way!.. take that you ungrateful kids!

Monday- To die for Quiche and a fresh mixed green salad and homemade rolls.

Tue- Sat. - Go look and see what falls out of the freezer first and then throw it in the oven - Bon apatite!

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