Oh, oh oh.... I want things to slow down and I want to slow down with them. I want to go work in the garden and to sit in the sun ( over course with SPF 30 slathered on!).. but my day gave me time for neither and once again I am back to the place of figuring out what to adjust or cut out of my life to make some time for my life! ~sigh~
One thing that is going to have to go is my 6am Pilates class. I LOVE.. LOVE LOVE the instructor but the 6am is killing me. I am one of those people who MUST have 8 hours sleep to function. Bedtime here at Chez Kertay rarely happens before midnight for the Mommy and Daddy people ( little kids are in bed at 8 pm). Five hours of sleep is just not cutting it. Today I almost feel asleep while driving.. yeh just like those truck drivers! So hopefully my darling instructor will be doing an afternoon class at some time but until then you can now find me under the covers till 8 am every morning. I am sure there are other things and even to the point I think I will have regular blogging days like Tue/Thur or something like that.. that way i can get in a bit of what I like to do with all I need to do!
In news that is much more fun I have been working on my personal *Living with Vintage* pledge. I know so many people who have wonderful vintage things but save them up on a high shelf for no one to touch or use. I want to fully embrace life and use all of my treasures. So as a start we are now using our Vintage drink caddy for afternoon drinks on the porch and for pink lemonaid with Summer BBQ dinners. As our offical kick off to the pledge I got some of those super cute little paper drink umbrellas that amused the children to an extent that might not be normal but it sure made it fun!
In homeschooling news we have been all about the Hotair balloon and have constructed many versions over the past few days. Alas none have floated and most have died a death more like the Hindenberg ( a zeplin) but lots of fun has been had in the process
As promised, my new Hair Cut... I am very happy with it even if the crap-tastic self portrait does not revel the fact!
Now let us all pray, Blogger is acting very odd and will not spell check my post, I am going to publish and hope for the best... see you all on the otherside!


~ Robyn said...

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I am lovin' the new DO! Very flattering! I understand about the wanting to slow down. I wish I could have a week of being Amish or something. We know what to focus's the doing it that's gets interrupted by LIFE. Love ya!

Katie said...

Love the hair!