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A few days ago I mentioned the milkglass lamp base that I found.. The Milkglass was in great shape the but the brass? stem was totally rusted as were all the fittings and the wiring.. well lets just say that * I* personally was not brave enough to plug it in! So I pulled the whole thing apart and gave tossed the old wires and scrubbed down the metal parts with some steel wool and then shot them with some baby yellow spray paint. After that a quick run to the hardware store netted me a simple lamp re-wire kit.
I had seen the ~great~ Martha more than once rewire a lamp so I knew it was not going to be very hard and it wasn't. Can YOU say Underwriters Knot? This left me with needing to do something with the shade. It was in good physical condition but not cosmetic.. So I ripped of all the binding and extras and decided that it would be a wonderful way to use some of my favorite fabrics.
I am going to post the photos up that I took and pray that Blogger keeps them in order.. otherwise you are on your own!
First step was to produce a pattern off of one section of the ribs of the lamp.. I used some craft paper and just rubbed a section of crayon over it to made a rubbing of the metal ribs. I then cut this out with a bit of a seam allowance. (seems Blogger wants to play games .. the photos will be going from top to bottom i see!)
Second I traced the pattern onto 6 of my favorite fabrics and cut them out, then played with them to arrange a pleasing but hopefully random looking sequence... got to love that.. planned randomness.... yes the irony is not lost on me.
I also picked out a bit of bling in the form of little beaded fringe since at heart I really have all the subtleties of Dolly Parton!
I used the super sticky red two-sided craft to hold the sewn up shade slipcover to the old shade. Oooops... yes.. i sewed up the sections and kept adjusting for just a nice tight fit. To finish the top opening I also added a bit of flash with the blue rick rack... since who would not smile to find blue rick-rack inside a lamp shade?
A bit of the beaded fridge to the inside of the shade ( more red craft tape) and I was done!..
How cut is this?? I just adore it and it makes me smile each time I walk into my kitchen :) Better yet I did the whole thing, including the cost of the lamp for $15


Sharolyn Perry said...

Hello Maddie! I love your lamp. You did a great job. I am like you, I must have my sleep or I don't function.

Check out my blog and see your wonderful present from the First Aid Swap.

~ Robyn said...

Maddie that is beyond CUTE! Great job and very creative. Martha would be jealous.
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