I am in need of some resources for pre dyed wool roving suitable for needle felting small creatures. There are many many many sites on the web but I am looking for personal recommendations!!

Maddie trys again.....

In this episode we once again see Maddie trying with valiant effort to get her life with 5 kids, 1 husband, 2 Great Danes and 5 cats under control.

There is something about Fall when the cold really gets going that turns me into this person who wants to put stuff in boxes, use my label machine and make things neat and tidy. It makes me look lustfully towards the Container Store website and have erotic dreams featuring this as my *porn* of choice. Right now I am all over the idea that all my china needs to be in its own little padded boxes with custom felt rounds between each dish. Not to even mention my obsession about cleaning stuff with Mrs. Meyers products. Clearly I need some sort of intervention.
Of course the irony of all this is that my house looks like an even bigger disaster than before!.. In this manic fit of Fall-ness I have decided to rearrange the livingroom to better fit the 10 foot tall tree we put up each year. So this means that I had to clean out the different cabinets since I was then inspired as to a *better* way to do things that would of course make out lives run OH so much smoother. Well then of course I could not leave well enough alone so had to line the shelves in the cabinets in a total fit of Marthaesque behavior. So of course I had to tear up the house looking for that just perfect roll of lining paper I had bought last year on clearance.
Dang, I am just tired typing it! If you have ever read If you Give a Mouse a Cookie you can see where this is all going, and I once again can put on my *been there~done that~ t-shirt.
I really should know better.

On the other hand my hcildren seem to think it's time to undo each thing I do as soon as I do it.


Well, it's gone for another year... the church eat-a-thon 2007 has come to a close and it was once again a huge success. While it might not be traditional each year we spend Thanksgiving with our *church family*. Each family makes a wonderful side dish or two and our Minister and his loverly wife make the turkeys. It's a relaxing way to spend time with some good friends and eat a whole bunch of good food without having to clean up my own home... you can't beat that!

If you will excuse me know I am going to roll myself into my craft room and hope that magic pixies were working on all my projects while I was snarking back turkey and some nice wine.

It never works quite the way you think....

You want to lose weight and eat like a bird for a week and gain two pounds.
Try for a romantic night with the husband and end up with a stomach bug.
Think you are going to create a *less stressful* holiday by taking the handmade pledge and end up in a quandary of anxiety that you are not making stuff that is *nice enough*
In here some where is a cosmic message but it feels more like telegram from Monty Python.

Christmas eye-candy

So... think I can fit in this project?.. what a CUTE red and white advent idea! It's from ALLSORTS, she has a wonderful print out so you can do it too!

Ok, here we go.........

Today starts my count down to getting all things Christmas done. One of the first projects on my list is my take on this wonderful Robot Sweater. This is from the most wonderful designer Betz White ( see my side bar for her link).. go visit, buy her book and be on the look out for her next book very soon.
I haunted my big local thrift looking for just the right little boy sweater...BINGO.. and for only $2.49.. perfect condition, GAP and the right colors. I must be living right. Next was a small ~cough~ retail purchase of some wool felt. My personal stock of felt does not include many *boy* colors so this was sort of a *have-to* to make this project a go. This is one of the projects that is what I call a *lamp-light* project since I can only work on it after Sam goes to bed at night.
While at the thrift I also scored three dresses for my loverly teen daughter. It was green tag day so they were only $1.48 each. All were vintage and each more cool than the other. Ah, to be so young and so small as to be able to easily wear many vintage things!

It's not like I didn't know.....

I was totally gob-smacked today to pull into the grocery store and see them setting up a literal forest of 6ft tall pine trees. I mean it's not like I did not know that the holidays were on their way. Heck I signed up to bring my covered dish to the church Thanksgiving. Hell, I have even been sewing holiday gifts and yet I swear my reaction was that of bug-eyed dismay mixed with two parts panic.
I am not ready for this! I thought I was ready, hell I was even a bit smug about it all. But the truth be told is that I am not ready and there is a very good chance that I might not be ready till sometime after the New Year rings in. This of course makes it all a bit LATE, or veeerrrrryyy early for next year depending on how you want to look at it....yehhh that's the ticket..ugh.

A bird on the wing...

As an off-shoot of our study of Darwin we have been creating a bird sanctuary, studying about birds and today we are doing art and poetry having to do with birds. We are using two great books as a resource. For the poetry we are using Eric Carle's Animals Animals which is a rich colorful book that is filled with a variety of Carle's art and poetry from a variety of verbal artists.

To do the art we are using another awesome resource filled with some of Eric's best tissue papers all bound up and ready for use in many many many craft projects. We have had this book of tissue paper for at least 6 years and are just now running it dry, but I hope to find another one very soon. Some of my favorite kids art work has been created with this tissue paper. Above are two of today's collage treasures, wonderful, no??

A little more timer talk

The ever charming Bitter Betty asked about what I use my timer for. The better question would be what I don't use it for.
I don't use it to time how long it takes us to eat dinner, or race the kids through their school work, but past that I use it a whole lot. I use it to remind me when a load of laundry is due to be switched out or when When brownies are ready to be removed from the oven and to keep track of when it's time to get out the door to yet another event. But most of all it lets me break down some of my biggest chores into manageable chunks that don't seem overwhelming or burdensome.
It let's me accomplish things that people wonder how I get done in the midst of everything else in my life. It lets me prep and paint the dinning room hutch or sew curtains for the kitchen. It lets me build the new water closet or work on the design for the new master bedroom. Setting my timer for 15 or 30 minute increments lets me take little bites out of projects till I am able to say that they are done. That feels very good.

Something extra with every pot-holder!

It's been rather charming around here in the Domestic Anarchy workroom. I have been teaching the little boys all sorts of needle arts. We have done, knitting, crochet, and now embroidery. It's been wonderful and the little boys have been doing some great work with inspiration from Sublime Stitching and Jenny Hart. They toss around words like feather stitch and embroidery hoop with the skill of needle pros. Of course this only makes what happened even funnier.

Tonight I spent some time working on the the pot holders of previous mention, and spent even more time fussing at the bias tape I was trying to sew around the borders. This was not going well for a variety of reasons and in the end I decided to hand sew the second side for a smother finish.

Now this was ok with me since I happen to be one of those rare birds that really enjoys handsewing. I find it oddly relaxing so did not see the need of doing so as a burden. My exit from my seat in front of the machine into my *comfy chair* was questioned by my youngest budding stitcher-man and I explained that I was going to sew the backs of each of the *new-vintage* potholders by hand. Young stitcher-man seemed to satisfied and went off to find his brother and inform him of my change of plans. Soon I hear him talking with his brother explaining that I was doing a ~hand job~ on each of the potholders to make them nicer for all my friends.

Yes my dear friends.. here at Domestic Anarchy there shall be no pot-holder without a ~hand job~ and that's the way we like it!

Sew be it

Not much time to post today. Loonnnggg day at church and then home and quick run out to Michael's to score on the 50% off coupon. Not a run out I wanted to make but to pick up one of the kid's gifts for half off made it worth it.

Now.. the sun is setting, I am pulling on a sweater, some woolly socks, lighting some candles... yes... you know what's coming... SEWING!... Hopefully some grand photos to show soon.. I am forcing the kids into action to buy my new camera this week..I miss it soooooooo.


All things Cath Kidson, Thrift and the Holidays

Have you been to Cath Kidson? Do you even know who she is?... if not let us just say that her designs are all things bright and wonderful about the world. Vintage but fresh, soothing but very happy no matter the day or weather. They are also one more thing.. EXPENSIVE, but oh so worth it.

Alas right now my budget has little room for Cath-stuff so I have to make do with things that feel Cath-ish. Today I scored very big at my local thrift. A vintage twin sized bed spread in a very cath-esque pattern printed on white quilted cotton. I had been eyeing this beauty for a few weeks but the $6.88 price tag kept me away ( yeh I know ..what a laugh, me who use to drop money like water) so I watched and waited knowing that is was a *blue* tag item and that this week it would go 70% off. Oh yes... SCORE!.. I could only find one small spot on it.. the top is all of quilted fabric and there are yards an yards of fabric in the 2 foot deep ruffle around the sides.

But you ask...what are you going to do with it?.... so glad you asked! This year I have taken the Handmade Holiday pledge-lite and am doing my best to craft most of my non-kid gifts from vintage goods. My plan is to make useful beautiful items and not blow my budget in the process. This bedcover will net me plenty of fabric to make multiple pot holders and oven mitts... I think they are going to be beautiful!
Right now the bedcover is taking a spin in "Mr. Washy" but very soon my dears I shall be in crafting heaven and I might even be in the mood to share a bit of the booty when I am done!... you will have to check back to see.

My timer is my friend

Oh where of where has my timer gone?...oh where of where can it be?

To say that I am a wee bit distractable is an understatement, so while being shackled to a silly little digital box is not my idea of high style I really do get so much more done, feel better and am more productive that it's really is my *have to have* accessory for any season. But alas it's missing..gone.. I cannot find it! Oh course I am making due with the kitchen timer but I cannot hear that from all parts of the house and this means I am going to have to go buy another. Of course this also chaps my hide to no end since the MINUTE I buy another one the lost little bugger is going to show up in some odd but evident place. This is the game I play with the universe, and right now the universe is winning.

The BrocanteHome Puttery Treats Challenge

Have you been here yet?, scamper off but then come right back...


Divine, is it not? such a devotion to home and how it feels.... I could just read this sort of stuff all day...and even beter she is having a wee bit of a contest!.. For the contest I chose this *puttery treat*

Subtly change the signature scent your house wears to something a little less fresh than that you chose in the summer. Add amber, musk, orange, eucalyptus, pine, cinnamon or other spices to your base fragrance (mines lavender and I use amber, musk and cinnamon) to gently mark the change of season. Bake thin slices of fruit for hours at a time to fragrance the house for a special occasion, or burn incense for the sheer smoky scent of it.

It really was the best of timing since I had just pulled out one of my favorite Fall/Winter home scents. Claire Burke Original home scent , how to describe.... it's how everything Fall should smell when I conjure up *home* in my mind. I really enjoy the timeless scent of roses, lavender and spice blended with patchouli and vetiver. Heck I don't even know what vetiver is but ..it's really working in this combination.

I think that BrocanteHome is right on the money when she suggests that a home should have different scents for different seasons. Of course no scent can be above that of a clean home, but past clean is the feeling that a warm glowing scent gives a home. So while I might not be able to bake bread all day everyday and the dog ate the lavender sachets that I hid under the sofa cushions. I can count on this little bit of oil on a light ring to bring a soothing touch to my home during these colder months.

The Gods of Thrift

Well it's hard to believe that the Gods of thrift were shinning down on me once again but WOW... I could not be more happy, in fact I think you could even use the word giddy and be pretty safe that it would fit. .. For quite a while now I have needed a new rain coat. Actually by saying *new* I might give you the impression that I have an *old* rain coat.. that would be wrong. I have no coat for when water falls from the sky. I do have an all weather violent orange emergency poncho in the safety kit in my car but I don't think that counts. But now... I have a coat and what a coat it is!
Here again dearies I am vexed by the lack of a camera to show you all it's beauty but I did find one on line that is similar.... ~ please direct your eyes to the left and behold.~ Mine is the same brand, Harve Bernard and is brand spakin new... so at the $15 thrift shop price is a nice savings over the $129 they go for at the mall. The only diff. in mine is that mine is more of a mod-print with some swirls and the inferance of 70's drug use. Otherwise.. spot on! Nice hu???? Dare I wear my cupcake rain boots with it?
As for the rest of my day. Well it's 12 noon and we are done with schooling for the day. Another lite day given that the little boys are human snot fountains but we did have a nice time reading about Erasmus Darwin and the Lunar Society, and add him to their folders. A bit of math, a sprinkling of vowels and we called it a day.
Of course this leaves the whole afternoon open. I must admit that my heart quickens at the thought but at the same time quivers at all the choices. I have so many things that I enjoy doing that I want to try that the idea of some open time just about puts me over the edge but then I stand in frozen fear of making the right choice!... bet you had no idea that i was such a head-case hu?
I have this cool idea of something to do to some jeans but need to score a pair of thrift store jeans to make this happen. You see I have exactly two pairs of jeans that fit.. they are size 14 and just right ( on any day not starting with PMS) so needless to say I don't want to mess them up in a possibly hair brained idea.. so... YES!... a trip to the thrift it is.... ..be back in a while!

We meet again!

Welcome back, but don't be to hopeful since this is going to be one short little entry. Three of the five kids have colds. Les is soon to follow, and it's really starting to feel like that Agatha Christy story where one by one the guests in the mansion get taken out by a mystery killer.

Me?... well I have decided to have a good time anyway. So some snuggly reading on the the sofa with the drippy nose boys, then a few loads of laundry, finish up the painted hutch.. new handles!... ( it's looking great!)... made some bread, read with the boys some more, did some math with Chris, worked on some embroidery and even snuck in some knitting. For a bad day it does not get much better than that!

Back in the saddle again

Hello all!... yes after long last I am getting back to my blogging. I love it so much but can't seem to find the time unless I give up some extras like sleep or eating. But in my love for it I am going to take a shot at it again.

Alas this will be a photo-free post since my teens broke my camera...it was an accident and they are buying me another one but for now it means that you will have to use your imagination when I tell you about all the swell things going on here in the Domestic Anarchy workroom. ...uhh Ok..that would be a lie.. I have gotten so little done that it's not even funny and in many ways it throws me into a fit of depression that I am doing my best to crawl back out of.

For me crafting/creating it life blood and to have days and days pass when I have no time for it makes me sad. But never fear I do have some fun times on the horizon since I am hosting an embroidery workshop next week and am taking a card crafting demo in the same week. I have high hopes that these two things will help boost my crafting soul at least a bit.

It's all not to say that I have not gotten anything done. In fact after 5 years of serious hate I finally painted the Oak hutch in my dinning room. Now I will be the first to say that there was nothing *wrong* with the hutch as it was except for the fact that is was Oak.. I hate oak.. in fact I pretty much dislike all natural woods. I am much more Swedish in my tastes and prefer to have my wood swathed in a nice coat of creamy paint. ** we will now take a moment for all tree huggers to cancel their feeds to my blog due to this revelation **.. ok!..

Now that is' just us paint-luvin folk I will let you know that I painted it a very pale gray that has some serious purple undertones to match a small striped in the curtins of the room. Now before you gasp... as I did when first painting it on... it actually has come out looking quite swank... after the paint I distressed it, and then buffed the whole thing with tinted glazed. I must have done pretty good since my 17 year old said that I should consider doing that *stuff* for a living.. high praise from him! I promise photos soon as my rug rats cough up a new camera for me!!!... Next...the table!!!!