All things Cath Kidson, Thrift and the Holidays

Have you been to Cath Kidson? Do you even know who she is?... if not let us just say that her designs are all things bright and wonderful about the world. Vintage but fresh, soothing but very happy no matter the day or weather. They are also one more thing.. EXPENSIVE, but oh so worth it.

Alas right now my budget has little room for Cath-stuff so I have to make do with things that feel Cath-ish. Today I scored very big at my local thrift. A vintage twin sized bed spread in a very cath-esque pattern printed on white quilted cotton. I had been eyeing this beauty for a few weeks but the $6.88 price tag kept me away ( yeh I know ..what a laugh, me who use to drop money like water) so I watched and waited knowing that is was a *blue* tag item and that this week it would go 70% off. Oh yes... SCORE!.. I could only find one small spot on it.. the top is all of quilted fabric and there are yards an yards of fabric in the 2 foot deep ruffle around the sides.

But you ask...what are you going to do with it?.... so glad you asked! This year I have taken the Handmade Holiday pledge-lite and am doing my best to craft most of my non-kid gifts from vintage goods. My plan is to make useful beautiful items and not blow my budget in the process. This bedcover will net me plenty of fabric to make multiple pot holders and oven mitts... I think they are going to be beautiful!
Right now the bedcover is taking a spin in "Mr. Washy" but very soon my dears I shall be in crafting heaven and I might even be in the mood to share a bit of the booty when I am done!... you will have to check back to see.


Katie said...

Cath rocks! Her stuff is gorgeous. have you seen her oilcloth? Love it love it love it!

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

I have yet to fondle the oil cloth in person but am thinking about asking for some for the holidays.. seems like it would be so nice to use on my porch picnic table or as a fitted table topper in the kitchen..sigh


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Original Hat Box Cake Company blue bouquet box very Cath ish and filled with brownies!!!