Back in the saddle again

Hello all!... yes after long last I am getting back to my blogging. I love it so much but can't seem to find the time unless I give up some extras like sleep or eating. But in my love for it I am going to take a shot at it again.

Alas this will be a photo-free post since my teens broke my was an accident and they are buying me another one but for now it means that you will have to use your imagination when I tell you about all the swell things going on here in the Domestic Anarchy workroom. ...uhh Ok..that would be a lie.. I have gotten so little done that it's not even funny and in many ways it throws me into a fit of depression that I am doing my best to crawl back out of.

For me crafting/creating it life blood and to have days and days pass when I have no time for it makes me sad. But never fear I do have some fun times on the horizon since I am hosting an embroidery workshop next week and am taking a card crafting demo in the same week. I have high hopes that these two things will help boost my crafting soul at least a bit.

It's all not to say that I have not gotten anything done. In fact after 5 years of serious hate I finally painted the Oak hutch in my dinning room. Now I will be the first to say that there was nothing *wrong* with the hutch as it was except for the fact that is was Oak.. I hate oak.. in fact I pretty much dislike all natural woods. I am much more Swedish in my tastes and prefer to have my wood swathed in a nice coat of creamy paint. ** we will now take a moment for all tree huggers to cancel their feeds to my blog due to this revelation **.. ok!..

Now that is' just us paint-luvin folk I will let you know that I painted it a very pale gray that has some serious purple undertones to match a small striped in the curtins of the room. Now before you gasp... as I did when first painting it on... it actually has come out looking quite swank... after the paint I distressed it, and then buffed the whole thing with tinted glazed. I must have done pretty good since my 17 year old said that I should consider doing that *stuff* for a living.. high praise from him! I promise photos soon as my rug rats cough up a new camera for me!!!... Next...the table!!!!


Katie said...

You really are back! You weren't just pulling my leg!
I can't wait to see your pictures, I too love painted furniture. Shhhhhh, keep it to yourself...

~Robyn~ said...

YAY!!! I missed my Maddie Fix!
Welcome back...."Oh Mista Kot-ter!"
WeeBit Wonky