The Gods of Thrift

Well it's hard to believe that the Gods of thrift were shinning down on me once again but WOW... I could not be more happy, in fact I think you could even use the word giddy and be pretty safe that it would fit. .. For quite a while now I have needed a new rain coat. Actually by saying *new* I might give you the impression that I have an *old* rain coat.. that would be wrong. I have no coat for when water falls from the sky. I do have an all weather violent orange emergency poncho in the safety kit in my car but I don't think that counts. But now... I have a coat and what a coat it is!
Here again dearies I am vexed by the lack of a camera to show you all it's beauty but I did find one on line that is similar.... ~ please direct your eyes to the left and behold.~ Mine is the same brand, Harve Bernard and is brand spakin new... so at the $15 thrift shop price is a nice savings over the $129 they go for at the mall. The only diff. in mine is that mine is more of a mod-print with some swirls and the inferance of 70's drug use. Otherwise.. spot on! Nice hu???? Dare I wear my cupcake rain boots with it?
As for the rest of my day. Well it's 12 noon and we are done with schooling for the day. Another lite day given that the little boys are human snot fountains but we did have a nice time reading about Erasmus Darwin and the Lunar Society, and add him to their folders. A bit of math, a sprinkling of vowels and we called it a day.
Of course this leaves the whole afternoon open. I must admit that my heart quickens at the thought but at the same time quivers at all the choices. I have so many things that I enjoy doing that I want to try that the idea of some open time just about puts me over the edge but then I stand in frozen fear of making the right choice!... bet you had no idea that i was such a head-case hu?
I have this cool idea of something to do to some jeans but need to score a pair of thrift store jeans to make this happen. You see I have exactly two pairs of jeans that fit.. they are size 14 and just right ( on any day not starting with PMS) so needless to say I don't want to mess them up in a possibly hair brained idea.. so... YES!... a trip to the thrift it is.... back in a while!

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