It never works quite the way you think....

You want to lose weight and eat like a bird for a week and gain two pounds.
Try for a romantic night with the husband and end up with a stomach bug.
Think you are going to create a *less stressful* holiday by taking the handmade pledge and end up in a quandary of anxiety that you are not making stuff that is *nice enough*
In here some where is a cosmic message but it feels more like telegram from Monty Python.

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~Robyn~ said...

No, no, it doesn't always work out. Pesky life that it is! This is where Monty Python lines come in handy––and I quote:
"Help! Help! I'm being repressed!"

I have seen your work and whatever is made by your hands is excellent!
Will that keep you from turning me into a newt? "A newt!" "I got better"
You shouldn't have started me on MP
~ Robyn