It's not like I didn't know.....

I was totally gob-smacked today to pull into the grocery store and see them setting up a literal forest of 6ft tall pine trees. I mean it's not like I did not know that the holidays were on their way. Heck I signed up to bring my covered dish to the church Thanksgiving. Hell, I have even been sewing holiday gifts and yet I swear my reaction was that of bug-eyed dismay mixed with two parts panic.
I am not ready for this! I thought I was ready, hell I was even a bit smug about it all. But the truth be told is that I am not ready and there is a very good chance that I might not be ready till sometime after the New Year rings in. This of course makes it all a bit LATE, or veeerrrrryyy early for next year depending on how you want to look at it....yehhh that's the ticket..ugh.

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