A little more timer talk

The ever charming Bitter Betty asked about what I use my timer for. The better question would be what I don't use it for.
I don't use it to time how long it takes us to eat dinner, or race the kids through their school work, but past that I use it a whole lot. I use it to remind me when a load of laundry is due to be switched out or when When brownies are ready to be removed from the oven and to keep track of when it's time to get out the door to yet another event. But most of all it lets me break down some of my biggest chores into manageable chunks that don't seem overwhelming or burdensome.
It let's me accomplish things that people wonder how I get done in the midst of everything else in my life. It lets me prep and paint the dinning room hutch or sew curtains for the kitchen. It lets me build the new water closet or work on the design for the new master bedroom. Setting my timer for 15 or 30 minute increments lets me take little bites out of projects till I am able to say that they are done. That feels very good.

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Well Humph! Your Polder is bigger than my Polder Mine looks like this
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