Maddie trys again.....

In this episode we once again see Maddie trying with valiant effort to get her life with 5 kids, 1 husband, 2 Great Danes and 5 cats under control.

There is something about Fall when the cold really gets going that turns me into this person who wants to put stuff in boxes, use my label machine and make things neat and tidy. It makes me look lustfully towards the Container Store website and have erotic dreams featuring this as my *porn* of choice. Right now I am all over the idea that all my china needs to be in its own little padded boxes with custom felt rounds between each dish. Not to even mention my obsession about cleaning stuff with Mrs. Meyers products. Clearly I need some sort of intervention.
Of course the irony of all this is that my house looks like an even bigger disaster than before!.. In this manic fit of Fall-ness I have decided to rearrange the livingroom to better fit the 10 foot tall tree we put up each year. So this means that I had to clean out the different cabinets since I was then inspired as to a *better* way to do things that would of course make out lives run OH so much smoother. Well then of course I could not leave well enough alone so had to line the shelves in the cabinets in a total fit of Marthaesque behavior. So of course I had to tear up the house looking for that just perfect roll of lining paper I had bought last year on clearance.
Dang, I am just tired typing it! If you have ever read If you Give a Mouse a Cookie you can see where this is all going, and I once again can put on my *been there~done that~ t-shirt.
I really should know better.

On the other hand my hcildren seem to think it's time to undo each thing I do as soon as I do it.

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Heather said...

I have that book if you want to borrow it... but it's rather "used"