My timer is my friend

Oh where of where has my timer gone?...oh where of where can it be?

To say that I am a wee bit distractable is an understatement, so while being shackled to a silly little digital box is not my idea of high style I really do get so much more done, feel better and am more productive that it's really is my *have to have* accessory for any season. But alas it's missing..gone.. I cannot find it! Oh course I am making due with the kitchen timer but I cannot hear that from all parts of the house and this means I am going to have to go buy another. Of course this also chaps my hide to no end since the MINUTE I buy another one the lost little bugger is going to show up in some odd but evident place. This is the game I play with the universe, and right now the universe is winning.


~Robyn~ said...

I Have a timer. I have a nifty 6" by 1" Polder digital Timer. I have no batteries for it. I want batteries.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

I lose EVERYTHING. O own 4 seam rippers so I will be able to find one when I need it.

If you buy a new timer you can keep it as backup..It is a very decent strategy.

okay.. what do you use your timer for? cooking? or organizing your time better?