Ok, here we go.........

Today starts my count down to getting all things Christmas done. One of the first projects on my list is my take on this wonderful Robot Sweater. This is from the most wonderful designer Betz White ( see my side bar for her link).. go visit, buy her book and be on the look out for her next book very soon.
I haunted my big local thrift looking for just the right little boy sweater...BINGO.. and for only $2.49.. perfect condition, GAP and the right colors. I must be living right. Next was a small ~cough~ retail purchase of some wool felt. My personal stock of felt does not include many *boy* colors so this was sort of a *have-to* to make this project a go. This is one of the projects that is what I call a *lamp-light* project since I can only work on it after Sam goes to bed at night.
While at the thrift I also scored three dresses for my loverly teen daughter. It was green tag day so they were only $1.48 each. All were vintage and each more cool than the other. Ah, to be so young and so small as to be able to easily wear many vintage things!

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~Robyn~ said...

It's so adorable!
"Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto
Sorry, STYX stuck with me
He is one lucky boy!
WeeBit Wonky