Sew be it

Not much time to post today. Loonnnggg day at church and then home and quick run out to Michael's to score on the 50% off coupon. Not a run out I wanted to make but to pick up one of the kid's gifts for half off made it worth it.

Now.. the sun is setting, I am pulling on a sweater, some woolly socks, lighting some candles... yes... you know what's coming... SEWING!... Hopefully some grand photos to show soon.. I am forcing the kids into action to buy my new camera this week..I miss it soooooooo.


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~Robyn~ said...

ahhh...warm wooley stuff...
IT'S A FREEKIN' 79ยบ HERE AT 5:30PM CT. Oy! I want wool!
Robyn a.k.a. WeeBit Wonky