All Day Sew-0-Rama!

Today is for sewing and crafting and nothing else. No errands, no visits, no cleaning and if I can get away with it no cooking!... So far I have finished gifts for two adorable little girls in my life and one for my bestest bud. I am trying to sneak in doing some stuff for the boys so I think that might mean a quick trip to the movie store so that they will be entranced in front of the tube so I can get that done. Otherwise I will do those tonight after they go to bed.
I am almost giddy... all day sewing and crafting.. yeh me!... talk to you later!


Katie said...

I'd like an all day sew a rama too! Today I have an all day clean a rama. Not quite the same, is it?

Heather said...

I spent the day crocheting on the sofa... it's really great when mama's get a chance to settle in and craft the day away!!