Between Eggnog and Ginger Snaps

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Christmas. As usual we got up and spent time opening gifts one at a time, youngest to oldest. No grabby free-for-all here at chez Kertay. Long ago I realised that if the kids were only going to get three gifts each that the whole process would be over in mere minutes without some sort of timing intervention. So thus was born the *taking turns approach* and we have done it that way ever since. It's quite nice to watch each in turn open a gift, appreciate it and thank the giver.. I think it gives more meaning and gives me time to actually snap some photographs that are more than paper and bows being flung about.

The afternoon was dedicated to another long held tradition... a family movie. For years we have enjoyed a family movie on Christmas Day and obviously this is getting to be a more popular idea around here since at today's showing of National Treasure II it was a full house and that was on two screens at the same time!

So now we are back home and gearing up for the last tradition of the day... Christmas night is for Roast Beef hash served with a fried egg on top. Yes, it's a bit odd but another of those things that the kids hold dear and it makes for a nice relaxing dinner time that is not bogged down in pomp and circumstance. A nice break indeed.

It's a break I need since in the net day or so I swing into what might be my most productive time of the year. .. ORGANIZING SEASON... yep.. It's the time I clean, purge, and put right the house in the vain hope of starting off the year on some note of organization. I haunt the Container Store website looking for just the right products and make my annual pilgrimage to the store in Atlanta to pick them up. I dust, I fluff and if you are not careful I fold your underwear into tidy Origami shapes!

Oddly enough I LOVE this time.. it totally brings out the "Martha" in me. While it would be hard to tell looking around my very busy home. I love things tidy to the point of OCD but I don't live that way and honestly don't think it's healthy in the big picture. When my house is totally spic and span you can be sure I am not spending at much time with my kids as I should. So for 11.5 months of the year I live to live and tidy as I can but for two weeks all bets are off. I shall post up some photos as I go :)


Katie said...

I can't wait to see the new National Treasure, but unfortunately in our one movie theater town we have to wait a while. It sounds like yours was a pretty good day, ours was good too!

Anonymous said...

My faith in humanity is renewed!! The Elk-Tribe also abhors gift opening free-for-alls! It is 1 at a time and each person gets the attention and makes sure to express thanks to the giver. We also only give 1-3 gifts.

We have that movie on our must see list. We WERE going to go on Christmas Day but too many were feeling a little sick with the flu. So we had a Mork & Mindy Fest - my gift to hubbands.
~ Robyn