Button Button, I've got the Button(s)

And I want to share them with you!

Here is the deal. I would like to increase web traffic at both this site and my crafty Homeschooler site in preparation for some cool stuff that is getting ready to happen. ( uh yeh I am a big tease but i don't want to jinx it either!)

Last week I stumbled on the mother load of fabric covered buttons. Most are covered in white fabric but there are some in navy blue linen. I suspect that these were from a clothing mill of some sort and used for...ummm women's sailor type dresses? They are size 36 or 45's so between a nickle and a quarter in size. They are shank backed and quite nice to sew on. I sewed a small owl on one last night and have some other ideas for today. These are great for those who want to do embroidered buttons but don't like to futz with covering those little metal buttons to get the job done!

It will work this way. Each week I will take all the names from the comments and use them for a drawing at the end of each week. You can comment 1 time per day the if you refer someone to the blog and they leave a comment AND your name both of you will get double entries into the the draw of names. And on and on. The prize each week will be a small stash (10) of the covered buttons and a carded sampling of my other vintage buttons. Good luck!!!


~Robyn~ said...

Yipes! Do you know how I love, L-O-V-E buttons??!! I buy jars of buttons at yard sales and antiques stores. I am as of lately in button withdrawal so add my name to your button pot! Please. And is this where I bow before you??
~ Robyn
WeeBit Wonky

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Reading your blogs lovely lady .. Just not trying to opt in on your stash... as I am buried in my own... Just thought you'd like to know.

best wishes,
constant reader,