Fun with circles!

I am not sure that I am suppose to have this much fun with a simple 3 inch circle punch...but wow.. I really am. This shows how lame I really am but I really am having quite a nice time working out a few fun crafts that take advantage of using the punch.
Right now I have been crafting it up with the making of garlands out of old holiday cards. I am totally rockin' on the old cards you can find at the thrift.. the 1970's seemed to be a ripe time from some great graphics and some "out-there" versions of holiday cheer.
With the 3 inch punch I am able to punch a nice chunk of the card and get the most important part of the image or color composition. Although I am not a real traditionalist I really like this vision of the Christ child and parents at the manger. Look at the sweet little head!
Sorry for the AWFUL shot.. it's what you get when you try to shoot a quick shot before packing up a gift that is leaving at 7 am with your husband. An expanded version of the garland can be seen over on my Craftyhomeschooler blog if you are interested.

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