Getting closer

The all day craft-o-rama was divine but as always I did not get near as much done as I wanted to do. It was not a "wash" by any means but I always think I can get so much more done than what I end up accomplishing. And the really worst part is that I can't show most of it to you since SOME people who read this blog will be getting some of the items I finished up yesterday.

What i can show you is a project that has been languishing for a while but that I can now cross off my " I will do that someday" list. It's my Oh-so-very retro yardstick holder. This project was a real low key affair but ever since I found this piece of needle point at the thrift I have wanted to make it into something useful but cute. It finally occurred to me that it's shape was perfect for making a yardstick holder very much like the one my mom had in her kitchen for years. Of course mom's was made of burlap with little ceramic mushrooms down the front. Just give it time.. it will also come back in style.

This piece has a very Japanese craft book feel to the design but alas it was never finished and over time it has taken on a very serious wonk to the shape. But never mind.. I paired it up with some nifty quiting cotton and zipped it together and hung it up. I then went and dug up a yard stick and we will call this project done!

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