Make Mine Warm!

Last night was "date night' here at Chez Kertay so that means that the Doc and I headed out for 2 hours of kid free eating. This means we are also free from poop jokes, nose harp playing and all the other joys of our usual family dinner time.

Normally we are not too adventurous and stick to a very nice local Thai place or a lovely restaurant down town. It's not that we don't like to eat, in fact we pick both of those places since the food is always good and it's QUIET. Most restaurants these days are so loud that you can't even hear yourself think. For this reason we avoid most chain restaurants. Last night was the exception. We had two hours within which to eat and to do two errands and make it back to pick up our fencer from practise. This meant that we needed to eat on the side of town where the errands were to be run.

This put us out in the mall area. Now anyone who knows me knows that I would rather chew off my left arm than to go into the mall, I will avoid it at all costs no matter the season and the holidays makes it ten times worse. Needless to say I held out little hope for the mall area restaurants but PF Changs did not look too busy. Now this was odd. Since the moment this massive restaurant opened it's been packed to the gills with 1-2 hour waits at a minimum. I will not wait that long to give birth so I sure an not going to wait that long for food not matter how they mix my "Chang sauce"

As blessings would have it is was awful out last night. Cold, wettish and windy. With just enough of all three to make you really want to stay home. So I guess that is what people did since there was NO wait. We walked in and were seated in less than 1 minute. This was my first time at "The Chang" as my teens call it. Yes, I know. I might be the last person on earth to have eaten there. Please refer back to my "mall issues" and "noisy restaurant issues" for further clarification on the matter.

Once seated a very nice waitress greeted us promptly, got our drink orders and was back in a proper amount of time. This was a nice change from my typical experience in a large chain restaurant ( insert horrid flashback to Cheescake Factory meal of two years ago). It was loud but honestly I will chalk that up to the dinners around us. WHY OH WHY people must you talk on your cell phone while eating dinner??.. I looked around and there was not a table where somebody was not conversing into a borg like appendage hooked to their ear or crooking their neck to pin their phone between ear and shoulder so that they could stuff their face at the same time. WHY ??????????????????

Anywhooooooo.. I was not overly hungry but the fried dumplings were calling my name so I got those with some nice brown rice. I had forgotten how much I love brown rice on a cold wet day. I mean it's fine on any day but a hot bowl of brown rice when it's cold and wet... heaven! Les got one of their flat breads stuffed and then grilled... Asian soft taco anyone?.. and some Calamari. Everything was hot, well presented and the night made for some interesting people watching and a bit of conversation when things died down to a a dull roar. The restaurant was only half full so I can't imagine how noisy it is on a full night and hope to never find out. But I do hope to go back some time soon. I will just have to watch for another miserable weather night to have my best shot at getting a seat!


~Robyn~ said...
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~Robyn~ said...

I despise malls. I know, It ruins my chances of being a normal American female. Eh! I also agree with you about people and their over-attachment to cell phones. It is rude. Now...taking a photo of your food in a restaurant?? THAT is a worthy necessity! :D
I've only been to P.F.Changs once in Kansas City...on a rainy afternoon and it was empty. Fortunately it was NOT in a mall. The one that just opened here in downtown Austin is also not in a mall...but I still try not to frequent chain anythings...stores, restaurants.
Now I'm hungry. Pass the pot stickers!
~ Robyn
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