A Peek into my Studio

If you have not noticed I finally got my new camera. It's not the one of my dreams but then it was not 1/2 the cost of my house payment either so given the price I paid I am quite happy with it. Mind you I have NO idea what most of it does and am carefully making my way through the instruction manual. But given that the manual regularly assumes I know my @ss from anything else I am thinking that I need to get a "Digital Cameras for Dummies" sort of book.
In any case the photo to your right was shot with the new camera while I was looking at the mess I call my studio. I was just struck by the various blues in the composition and thought I would share it with you. The canister is from a vintage set of 4 and I keep sewing notions in them. That one happens to hold pins. The ginger jar holds my bias tape and in the back ground you can see my studio wall color and some of my framed paper doll prints. Just sharin, that's all.

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ArtfulArtsyAmy said...

oh. i love that little tin. its so sweet.