Rock'n it at any size

Ok.. I admit I did blather on a bit about water weight and my cycle so please forgive me. It's really not a size thing.. with that much water it's a comfort thing but it's only for 2-3 days a month and it's why God invented elastic waist pants.

This whole thing with Nigella Lawson is a whole "nuther" plate of pancakes! WHO in their right mind would think that Nigella is "letting herself go" or ... a 'Porker". I can only bet it was a very bitter woman who said this since I would challenge you to find a man who at the first offer would not lick that woman from top toe and then work their way back in the other direction. Honestly I see very few men who actually consider weight when looking at a woman or if they find her sexual or exciting. Hell Queen Latifa is a size 18+ and she is gorgeous!.. or maybe Kathy Najimy, also a so called "plus size" person and once again.. hot hot hot.
It's not your body, it's your confidence. It's knowing that you are bright, funny, sexy and being willing to show that. Not hiding behind who you are "suppose" to be if you are wider than a pixie-stick. Rock those curves, you will be happier and so will everyone else in your life.


Katie said...

Nigella is hot! My gosh, to look like her, wow. I received an email today with really skinny emaciated women, the headline was something along the lines of "think fat is gross? think again" Super skinny is far worse than heavy will ever be. I'm not at all interested in becoming a size 000. It kind of gives me the creeps!

~Robyn~ said...

So right! Our husbands ENJOY us...if we let them and are not always degrading ourselves. GO WATCH THIS:


I got curves galore!
~ Robyn
WeeBit Wonky

Autum said...

I agree she's gorgeous and comfortable in her own skin- and it shows. I'd love to have some of her curves- I'm one of those super skinny girls who gives coffee mom the creeps. I know it isn't typical to struggle on the other end of the weight spectrum, but some of us do. Thankfully, my husband accepts my lack of curves. It's about what's in the heart, whether the body is curvy or bony.