With this much crafting you know my house must be a mess!

Tooooo cute.. I am loving the time I have spent crafting and the stuff I have made. I had to be up early this morning to take Doc to the airport so thought I would steal some early morning hours to craft alone. That did not really work out since 9 year old son got up and wanted to work on a project and be with me. This was really ok and he worked on a new Christmas stocking while I worked on this very cute bib for a rockin little baby of a sweet friend of mine. ( So if you happen to petite, cute, have a baby girl and a husband who is a doctor drop by some time.. I have a bib for your sweet baby!) The bib is made from some of my vintage sheets and was fast and easy to make and I might just have to make a few more!

The rest of our day was spent hanging with my " sister of the heart" ( Hi Kay!) and her wonderful kids. It's never enough time and I totally understand the kids when they whine that "we just got started" even when we have been together for 4 hours!

The evening went by quick and more crafting was taken on with one fatal flaw being that I have run out of crafting funds! *pan to quick shot of Maddie with hands on cheeks in OH NO! ~ala, Home Alone pose*. Yes, dear reader Maddie has blown the December/holiday crafting budget and is now firmly in the *shop at home* zone. This is not the worse thing that could happen and anyone who knows what sort of crafting supply stash I have knows that I am not exactly sitting on my last spool of thread or anything but geesh!..

So in the *Use What-cha Got* spirit I pulled out a pack of charm squares ( don't know what a Charm pack is?... well.. A charm square is a square piece of fabric; it can be any size, but is usually 2 to 6 inches. A Charm Square Pack is a bunch of charm squares. Currently, charm packs from the fabric manufacturer are popular. The packs include a square of fabric from each material in a fabric line. For example, Moda's Chocolat line has 50 prints, so the charm pack includes a 5 inch square of each print. It is an easy way to get variety in your projects. If you love a fabric line, it's a great way to get a little piece of all of it. )
This charm pack happened to have 42 prints in it and had been resting on my shelf for the better part of a year just waiting till it was called into action. Well tonight was the night and I started making some very cool retro-looking drink coasters. This of course meant I needed something to line them so once again I drove back into my wreckage of a studio and came up with some heavy flannel that had been there so long that I *think* it might have been some of the flannel I had used to sew hourglass diapers for the boys. ... For those handy with the math that means that this flannel was quite possibly 18 years old!.. but still looking good it was pressed into the service to be the lining of my coasters. They turned out great and I even took some shots along the way so I can put together a quick tutorial if I can find some time the the next few days.

But now the hour draws late and my pillow calls to me... good night sweet friend and crafters... we shall meet again tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Can I come over??? Man I want/need a crafty sewin' sistah! I accomplished nothing today...one of my kids gave me an early gift––STOMACH Flu! I am auditioning for the Exorcist
~ Robyn

Anonymous said...

the bib is rockin'!
and i agree with the kids, there never is enough time!

eselmom said...

Oh!!! Baby girl's momma loves the very cool bib!!!! I sooo wish I was more capable in the crafty department! I'm looking forward to stitching together again!

I do need to drop by your house to pick up my eldest DD's bathing suit and now the way cool bib!!!!

Love ya!!!!