Being Practical- sweater baskets!

As I have mentioned before, one of my goals for the new year was to create things that have practical applications in my life and for my home. So while as much as I like to make bags from fulled sweaters... how many bags can one person need?.. so this has lead me to think about other uses for the fulled sweaters I have around here. I did not have enough to make a nice sized blanket so.. think think think.. I had a few that I have already needle felted with designs and I played around with one of them last night and came up with this.
It's a sweater basket!.. the sweater was an American Eagle tween-sized sweater that shrunk up quite thick.. this was the main body section with it's original side seams.. I cut a large oval from a left over arm section and stitched it to the bottom.. this gave an oval shaped structure to work with.. about the size of a small bathroom trash can. .. Even as thick as the wool shrank up it still did not have enough body to stand up on it's own so I took a piece of Pellon Peltex and covered it in a cheerful yellow print and then used that to line the inside. I did the same with an oval of Peltex that I cut and covered to fit the bottom of the bag. I carefully zig-zagged around the top to secure the lining and the wool together. It's quite sturdy now and perfect for holding balls of yarn or magazine.
The needle felted flower and bee were done with some left over roving from some wool I was spinning last year. I used a barbed felting needle and it was a free hand deal. I look forward to doing more needle felting in the near future... but as always it has to serve some purpose so I was thinking of doing some ornaments that represent all the pets we have had and loved over the years.. and I am going to use this book as a jumping off spot.

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Georgie Horn said...

I love this and am going to share with my needlecrafting friends!