Dainty Bag

I had some fabric left over from the Handmade Parade Vintage Pillowcase Challenge. The first part of the fabric went to making the lampshade and the leftovers were just enough to make this Dainty hanger bag.

I remember that my grandmother had many of these bags. Each of her *outfits* had multiple accessories and I guess she never switched stuff up.. so with each outfit the little bag would hold the things she would wear with that outfit.. Often this held a silk scarf or a pin or "broach" as she would say... to me broach rhymed WAY to much with ROACH.. so I did not and still do not like the word. My grandmother went so far as to pin a note on each bag letting her know when she last wore that particular ensemble, I guess in fear that she would wear it again to a similar bridge club meeting or something. I am sure the she is rolling over in her urn that the jeans I have on today have been worn 3 other times this week and will only just tonight head for the hamper!
The pattern was a custom one I cut from one of my favorite vintage wooden hangers. The bright blue zipper is also a vintage jobbie that I got with a whole slew of them from the thrift store last year. Today's zippers come in the MOST boring colors compared to zippers of the 70's and 60's and before.. I have lime green, a million shades of pink, blues and more blues.. it makes them so fun to use.

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