Dinning room Done~

Go me.. go me~~~.. YES!.. another room is done!.. For quite a while now...uhh like 6 months we have have 25 boxes of hardwood flooring sitting in the dinning room while we slowly did the upstairs floors. Well, it was down to six boxes and it was time to get it out of there! I had the boys move the boxes up to the hall near the last bedroom to be floored and I got to work on the dinning room. I spiffed up the hutch. Yes this is the one I painted a few months ago... love the color and the vintage wax finish I used. I saw one at a very upscale furniture place that was very much like this style and finish and it was over two thousand dollars. I got the hutch for free and the paint was $12 and the handles came from the reuse center for 20 cents each so I think for less than $15 bucks I have myself a pretty good deal. I still need to sew the rod pockets for the bottom of all the curtains but that is ok.. I am still so happy when I look in there and i still love the hand painted vines after all these years.
There are two more pieces to be painted but I did get the scotch/wine bar area set up and a large chest that holds my table linens and party supplies. I am one happy girl! It took me till 10 pm last night but it was well worth it. And even better, all the stuff that was in the room has been moved to it's proper home(s) not just shoved somewhere.. that is a good feeling.
Next is the school room... I suspect this one is going to need some sort of cosmic intervention, so pray for me!


eselmom said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Both dining and living rooms are looking great! I still want to follow you to all your treasure finding haunts!!!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty and serene!
Now...is it 12 year old scotch??? If so, pour me a glass!