Excuse me while I Rant

It's been quite a while since anyone challenged my children or myself over the topic of homeschooling but it happened tonight. Worse yet I was not even there to protect my little guy from what turns out to be a misunderstanding but all the same got me really riled up and still has Greg upset.

In the early days of homeschooling I was pretty accustomed to defending our choice to homeschool but it's honestly been years since I have had to do much but raise an eyebrow when someone started to verbally malign homeschooling as a whole based on the actions of one or two stupid people out there.

I guess I am out of fighting shape since tonight when my 9 year old came home to say that he was quizzed at length by somone we know I was just sad. When there was something he( my son) did not know ( what the Pentagon was) the person quizzing then condemed homeschoolers in what he thought was a joking way. But then went right on qizzing and making my little guy feel awful even though he knew and could answer most of the other questions this person peppered him with.

p.s. I am sorry if this is awash with typos.. Blogger seems to be on a partial vacation and we all know I am a sucky typist.


Katie said...

Frustrating, annoying and uncalled for. People like that drive me nuts, sorry your litte guy was subject to it.

Anonymous said...

Why do some people feel they have the right to do this? Why do they feel the need? Regrettably it has happened to my kids too. Do we go around drilling non-homeschooled kids or their parents? ARRRGGHHH this sticks in my craw!
I am so sorry this happened to your precious child.

Anonymous said...

i am feeling upset and sad that this happened to your awesome boy.

Anonymous said...

The endless judging of other people is very tiresome. That is completely uncalled for. Not a home schooler, but have nothing but respect for those of you who do it.
Thanks for the car advice, btw. You are more organized than I'll ever be, but I'll give that a shot for sure.