I did indeed tackle the school room shelves and while at times I thought I was being sucked into some other dimension where the harder you worked the worse it looked after 5 hours I was able to say.. "Ehhh" at least it's better than before.
So while not my version of perfect it meant that I cleared out 5 boxes of stuff for donation. This was all stuff that my MIL left here when she moved to the "swinging octogenarian palace" 1.5 years ago.
Precious stuff such as a whole box of candles that had melted together at some point. Old power board bills, and small resin figures of bears dressed as people. Yes, 5 large boxes of such wonderment!

The wonderful Dh removed the glass doors and fitted the shelves with board to replace the former glass shelves. Since no matter how strong I am pretty sure that shelves that held a life times worth of Hummel collecting were not up the strain of our massive library of homeschooling books. You might be able to tell that the top shelves are still glass, we ran out of wood and I ran out of patience. So there is just lite weight stuff up there until we can put stronger stuff in. The bottom section is also filled up with project boxes, files and other bits and bobs of the homeschooling life. So while not perfect I am calling this project DONE.

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