Making 40 Sexy

Well if my clock is right it's a mear 4 hours until my 40th birthday. I am very excited about it. I know that a whole lot of women go into a black funk at the thought of being 40 but I could not be happier. It's my hope that my 40's are 10 wonderful, full and sexy years. To that end I pledge to take care of myself, both mind, body and spirit. Happy Birthday to me!


Bitterbetty said...

HAppy Birthday, Hot Stuff!

Turning 40 myself this year.. I have similar aspirations for the decade.
If the economy holds out I want to get myself to Paris or Florence.

WeeBit Wonky said...

Sorry I missed your birthday. Hope it was a One Hot Mamma Day for ya! The 40's are great... I miss them :)
Hey! We share a Birthday Month!
Lotsa Love,
Your OLDER Friend