Making 40 Sexy

Well if my clock is right it's a mear 4 hours until my 40th birthday. I am very excited about it. I know that a whole lot of women go into a black funk at the thought of being 40 but I could not be happier. It's my hope that my 40's are 10 wonderful, full and sexy years. To that end I pledge to take care of myself, both mind, body and spirit. Happy Birthday to me!


You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

HAppy Birthday, Hot Stuff!

Turning 40 myself this year.. I have similar aspirations for the decade.
If the economy holds out I want to get myself to Paris or Florence.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed your birthday. Hope it was a One Hot Mamma Day for ya! The 40's are great... I miss them :)
Hey! We share a Birthday Month!
Lotsa Love,
Your OLDER Friend