Ok, first off I have no idea what *Blogger* has been smokin since these photos will not line up to save my life so, sorry about that.

It has been mentioned that I have not done an update on the progress of our kitchen remodel. The reason is pretty simple, we have not gotten very far of late. I hope to get some work done this week but since the flu seems to have come to visit my house I am not making any promises. The photos I have included show some of the progress and some of the work that is left to do.
The photo with the big chicken is a shot of my stove area. The windows still need to be fixed and I still need to make custom screens for them. I also need to construct a cover for the up pipe off of the vent hood. We ended up going with a upper end of the standard line of vent hoods since we did not have an indoor grill top. It's worked great so far an the halogen lights over the stove top are wonderful.
The small center prep island still needs to be painted and I am thinking of using the red from the other side of the kitchen, but it's still up for discussion. It also needs to be modified to make better use of it's storage space but I am not going to bitch since I only paid $15 bucks for it and it's very solid and heavy.
I have gotten up most of the wallpaper that is a divine shade of chocolate with a very vintage floral that I just love. The rooster prints are unframed but that just seemed right for that wall and it's view over the side yard. that space used to be the door way to the back porch but filled in it made a nice fly wall to tuck the fridge behind. You can see the transom up top.. and that is where I plan to build a shelf to hold my cookie stamp collection. I found a nifty shelf at the reuse center a few weeks ago that will fill the purpose nicely. We are still ahead on our pledge/desire to use at least 50% recycled or re purposed items for the kitchen and I am proud of that.

The floral arrangement was from a dessert reception we held last week. I was just really pleased how it came together considering that 20 minuted before guests were to arrive I was skulking about the front yard in the dark looking for some juniper to snip and some wintery support branches to fill in my skimpy rose bouquet that I snatched up at the store when I ran to get some napkins!

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