Rainy day, quiet day

Just a quick update to let those who have been checking know that our dear friend made it through surgery and while it might not be a quick recovery I hope to see him at my and Claire's birthday party at the end of this month.

My MIL is doing better and we hope that she will gain more strength everyday.

As for my testing... some good news... and some confusing. We shall trudge on until I can find something for the very annoying joint pain.

So there you go.... and hopefully in the next day I will have some fun new projects to show off!


Katie said...

Got my buttons today! Thank you sew much- they are lovely! Macy adores hers and has decided already what shirt they should be sewn onto. They will be marching across the tummy of her favourite blue pullover :-)

Not sure yet if I should use the others in a wearable project or incorporate them in a decorative thing...hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

You have my thoughts, prayers and lotsa love!