Schelping Towards Order

I so crave having a tidy house, but we have chatted about this before. And of course once again I am on my one woman cleaning spree through our home. The living rom now looks like you might be able to live there.
Yesterday I moved an unused antique dresser from another part of the house to use for more living room storage. The piece really needs a paint job in the worst way but that is going to have to wait for another day.

I even went so far as to label the inside of each drawer and fit them with dividers. The top drawer holds office supplies. The second holds drawing paper for the little boys. The third drawer is split three ways and hold our collection of audio tapes ( yep. audio, children's tapes.. Boomerang have you heard of them?... they are great!)

Next section is computer software. I do know that normal people would keep this near their computers but since we have 4 or 5 computers spread over the rooms of this house I have chosen and central location to keep the discs and software instruction manuals.

The third section is currently odd is that?

Drawer 4 is totally empty and drawer 5 is devoted to my collection handmade note cards, envelopes and funky monkey sorts of gift cards and stationary.

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