Did I show you this?

Ok... if you have already seen this, move along. Other wise, please gawlk in amazement at what I did!.. This time I cut and designed it all myself!.. Sorry that I shot the photo right after ironing it flat so the back ground is a tad distracting. This whole papercutting thing is quite fun and rather addictive. I am planning a large cutting for over my mantle... something to represent the kids and our family. I am not sure what yet but when I finally fully birth that idea I will let you know!


Katie said...

Maddie it is fabulous! I'm a little nervous to try something like that. Would I have to create my own design or are there papercutting designs available out there? Oh duh, I'm sure there must be! I'll google it!

Anonymous said...

that is so lovely! very impressed by your fine motor skills, as i am pretty sure i would lose a finger or two.
look forward to seeing what else you cut/create in the future.

Anonymous said...

I am gawking in amazement! That's fabulous!