Doing the *done* dance.

Honestly any time I actually finish a project ALL the way it leaves me a little dumb struck with self awe.. ( humble hu?) This could be because I have a very awful habit of getting so close to the end of a project that even 15 more minutes work would have it totally done but I fink out at the last moment. Sand, prime, and paint the dresser in a day and then take 2 years to get the knobs on?..yep that is me. So as you can see the fact that I started this shirt this week and have totally finished it is a BIG DEAL. Neither of these photos is of Posie quality but then I am pretty sure she is not homeschooling 5 kids and raising 8 pets so I will give myself some credit there. The pattern is the one I mentioned in a few days ago and was a pretty easy sew with the exception of the button band which had the most obscure instructions I had ever seen. In the end I had to wing that part, but it came out fine.
The fabric is a bit more poofy and floaty than I had envisioned and I am going to go with a bell sleeve next time but any negatives are offset by the fact that the thing fits my chest! hoorah! I went fancy with covered buttons and it add a nice touch but I think I will go with some shell buttons on the next version... and oh yes.. there will be a next version!

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