Grandma, is That You??

Things are still sniffily and bit feverish at Chez-Anarchy but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I can now envision a day when we will not be ill and the last box of tissue will not be fought over like the Holy Grail.

In fact Saturday for a two hour period I even felt well enough to run over to the fabric store take advantage of their 99cent McCalls pattern sale.

 While there I just wandered around in a sort of a foggy cloud feeling fabrics and thinking about projects when out of the corner of my eye I saw just a snipit of fabric that made me jump over two old ladies pawing some dubious double knit in order to get to it's wonderfulness.

Have you ever seen a fabric that just FLOODS you with memories? This fabric did that to me. It's a floral print in shades of blue and the fabric while not heavy is heavier than a typical quilting cotton.

When I saw it I was instantly transported back in time to the early 70's and the times my Grandmother would come to visit us in Oklahoma from her home in Chicago. I think I have mentioned before that Grandma was a real fashion plate, everything matched, dress, shoes, bags, right down to her lipstick and eye shadow.

She was Miss Frizzle without the fun, oh and with a Manhattan in one hand and a smoke in the other... charming hu? Well this print reminds me very much of one of her summer dresses.

Looking pack now I would say it was a Lili Pulitizer style/ Jacki-O sort of princess shift, with of course matching bag and coordinating shoes.

I can remember her sitting at my parents table in the afternoon drinking her Manhattan with those lurid bright red cherries and leaving lipstick prints on the glass. I was horrified and entranced all at once.

While I am sure that she loved us I don't think she had much use for two wild little girls like my sister and myself. In fact I think she was pretty sure that by my dad moving us to Oklahoma he had doomed us to a life of squalor*.

While visiting she did do her best and I do remember her letting us have the gold ribbons off of her bottles of Youth Dew "parfume" and "body lotion". To this day if I have to walk through the makeup/fragrance section of the mall I stop and take a whiff of the stuff.. yep.. it's grandma!
So I bought what was left of the fabric and even whipped up a very cute skirt on Sunday night leaving me with still quite a bit of fabric. Some of which I am using to make a baby dress for a sweet little baby I know and the rest... well it just begged to be made into a " ladies who lunch" sort of purse. I think Grandma would have liked it :)

* Please note that I in fact grew up in a swell sort of Brady Bunch-esque neighborhood and the squalor that my grandmother referred to was the fact that there was no Country Club.. oh the pain!


Anonymous said...

i loved this post!

what wonderful, vivid memories...

and that fabric is totally bitchin'!

Anonymous said...

Hey Maddie
I loved your post too. My Oma also had a wonderful aura about her and her purse always smelled wonderful and perfumey.

She was a sewer and made oodles of clothes for everyone.

Very Mary said...

OH MY GOSH - That purse is beyond fabulous! LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

That is some fantastic fabric. Love the purse.
Oh, BTW that flu you had?? Yup... it is now living inside of me in Wonkydom. Laptops in bed are a wonderful thing.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Nicely done! And on Flu dregs too.
And a skirt too? And a baby dress planned. Really too too delightful.

I had a grandma that used salad forks whenever we came to dinner and serve a tiny glass of oj or a half a grapefruit on a plate before the rest of breakfast was served. Really all modern people are heathens compared to civilized grandmas.

julie (jane's apron) said...

I LOVE that purse!! Is that a new fabric (repro?)...any details??

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Julie, I wish I knew more about the fabric...but it wound on the wrong bolt and the selvage was a mess so I have no idea who even made the stuff!.. I got it at Hancock's and they are not exactly known in these parts for their customer service so I have not even bothered to ask them. I keep haunting around to see if another bolt or colorway shows up and if it does I will be sure to let you know!


eselmom said...

Love, love, love the fabric!!!! I went searching through my pictures because I know that fabric looks familiar. I just can't remember if it was grandma's or whose!!!! I never found the picture but I can't wait to see the baby dress! Way cool! And great purse!

Hope you're feeling better.

Cait said...

When my two girls were about to make their First Communions in the 60's, 'Moi', always wanting to be a San Francisco'Hippie', but never attaining that status being a midwestern wife, divorced, then the paraiah single mom, made my two adorable girls their First Communion dresses. White on white printed floral fabric, empire style, with orange and pink floral panel 'aprons' attached to the front empire seam. Totally rocked! I am sure all the other mothers were totally outraged that these two little 'Brides of Christ' were outfitted thusly. But you know what, that fabric eased the sting of being a paraiah single mom in those years.
Your purse fabric is blue, now imagine it in outrageous oranges and pinks with a splash of yellow thrown in and you have my precious two daughters First Communion 'aprons'!