Happy Valentines Day!

V-day is a low key affair here are Chez Anarchy. Not because we don't like hearts, or candy or sticky sweet examples of love ( although we do find love best spread out all year is rather the way to go) it's just that life seems very full right now so this year I settled for giving each of the kids a classic Hershey Chocolate bar and calling it good. I don't think they were too disapointed so I am not all that worried.

We are all still suffering the effects of our battle with the big bad flu but day by day things are getting easier and I am now down to just one 30 minute nap per day to catch up on my energy that still is ebbing at low tide.
I have some sewing that I really would like to do but want to make sure I am on top of my game before diving into making a pair of pant style jeans for myself. The whole making jeans thing always seemed rather odd to me until I saw the CUTEST pair of jeans that were being worn last week by my doctor. They were a darker wash and a wide legged pant style that she wore with some ass-kickin cool black sling backs. Damn!.. they were great but the chance of finding them in my size (14) as opposed to her size (8) I did not think was going to happen. Of course this might end up being a $27 disaster ( $27 worth of darkwash demin with just a touch of spandex!) but I thought.. what the heck. What is life if you don't dive into the deep end every once in a while!

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Anonymous said...

good luck on your jeans/pants making excursion. they sound really cool.

and so glad you guys are beginning to feel better!