Living Faster than my Blogging

I feel so old when I say it... but WHERE do the days go? This past week flew by in a flurry of meetings, schooling, bad weather and birthdays. My oldest child turned 18 this week, where did that time go? I have such a firm picture in my mind of him as a baby and those early days when it was just him and me, fast forward 18 years and 5 more kids, wow. Sort of like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride on steroids.

It's not that I have not even been sewing, crafting and actually I have tons to share but can't seem to find where I put down my camera so that I can up load the photos ( the dog photo is totally out out place but I thought it so cute that i wanted to share). I finished a super cute little smock dress for the sweetest little baby in my extended life and I do hope it fits her. Besides that I have been working on my book and ...what????? uh did I forget to mention that? Well yes, now that I mentioned it I am writing a book and am super duper excited to say that my darling friend Kay is going to be doing the photos for it. Alas like everything else in my life it has been thrown out of balance by my near month long battle with the flu and other yuckies but Spring is soon here and I am feeling better with each day.
I hear tell that I got some print time in the newest issue of The Link Homeschool magazine but have yet to see a copy to know that it's true. I have two more articles due soon and many ideas swimming in my weeeeeeee little head but prying them out has been a chore of late and I feel like I am chasing down rabbit holes most of the time and making little progress. Uhh dang this post if becoming some what of a
Ok.. Happy News.... *think think think*.. Oh!.. yes I am making a shirt from this ( look for 3684)pattern inspired by this post and it actually fits! Will wonders never cease! I have still not tackled the jeans yet but if i can get a woven fabric shirt to fit over my generous top half without looking like a pup-tent I have high hopes that I can sew some jeans to fit my sadly flat arse ( no junk in the trunk here at Chez Anarchy, lots of boobs but no butt)
Ohhh ok... only gown ups can read from this point down.. move along my darling daughter, you REALLLLLLy don't want to read this.
So.. you know how you read in all the popular ladies mags that sex drive increases for women in their 40's?.. well I .. DANG!..they are right! Not that we have been lacking in that department and most people just drop jaw to know that after 10 years of marriage we were still doing *it* 3-5 time per week but now... WOW!.. Let us just saw that since recovering from the flu and other bits of misery we have been having quite a nice time rockin' the marital bed ( much to the chagrin of my teen children who I know are horror filled, since no matter how quite we try to be I suspect that this old house is less than sound proof!).
This new found bit of wonderful has had many side benefits that at some point I want to blog about. Those who know me in *real life* know that I am a strong supporter of a full and enriching marriage which I do believe starts in the bedroom and I suspect that much that goes wrong with once good marriages starts when women due to a multitude of reasons start to have less and less sex with their husbands. When they no longer look at the man they married and think.. " wow.. he is cute". The reasons are long and difficult and I need to think through how to talk about it here and if it's even right to. But I know that I see a lot of marriages suffering and I feel lucky not to be one of them and work very hard at it.
Well!... guess there was more in my head than I thought. Hope you all have a wonderful start to your week and I will do some more thinking on it all and until then I look forward to hearing what you have to say on the matter.

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Anonymous said...

can't believe he is 18!!!!!!!!

you still look young and fresh as a daisy, m'dear.