Something to Do While Waiting for the Ibuprofen to Kick In.

I swear, this cold and its pains are kicking my tail! One day I start to feel better and the next I am ready to craft myself a pine box and just crawl in. Still getting stuff done but slower with a side dish of stupid. I am now down for a weeee rest till the meds kick in to get rid of body aches so, here we are!

Ok.. stuff to share.. First A TOTAL brag... I DID THIS!!!

It's a papercutting!.. that I did by hand.. my little hands!.. While not without mistakes by a long shot I do love how it came out and since our house is called SqurrielWood it seems rather perfect, no? I have since taken the black paper cutting and mounted it to a robin's Egg Blue piece of paper and put it into a black frame.

Next a bit of yarn love from my birthday!... I got a wonderful gift certificate from a group of great folks from my church.. of course I HAD to be over on that side of town so why not just stop by for a minute???.. it took about 5 minutes and I had scooped up 4 hanks of Misty Alpaca.. yummmmmy! I have a vague feeling the lighter weight will be fingerless gloves and the heavy stuff.. well I am just not sure!

I finished up a babydress that I had started LAST summer... for a different baby!.. Sorry ( you know who you are, but take heart I have another dress going for your little darling!)...anywho I unearthed this from the bottom of the stash and finshed up the the hem and added a little yellow button to the back. It's made from a vintage sheet and I used the upper sheet double fold to make the bodice of the dress... too sweet and perfect for my neighbor's new baby.

Last thing then I need to get back in the groove and get some wash spinning!.. this is one of the little fabric covered buttons that I found at the thrift a few months ago.. I embroidered the little owl... he just makes me so happy each time I see him!

Make it a good week!.. I don't think I will be around till later in the week but will check comments!


julie (jane's apron) said...

wow...your papercutting is so cool. and the button is the cutest!

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Thanks Julie!... I have been drooling for your Vlaentines kits of late.. must pop over to your place when I have a bit more cash on hand!


You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

alrighty.. must be you have your craft mojo in high gear. That paper cut is Divine... The babay dress and owl button also Very Nice Stuff.

Let me know when the pin gets to you. Valentine's season mail makes me nervous and due to the low price point I didn't do the usual tracking number deal.I just want to make sure it makes it!

your bitter buddy,

Anonymous said...

the paper cut really blew me away....pretty amazing handiwork there missy!

Very Mary said...

It's so cool how your house is called "Squirrel Wood" and mine is called "Squirrly World." Wow, that's deep.

Brittany said...

beautiful papercut!