Spring Cleaning

The weather was pretty darn nice here today, almost a hint of Spring in the air. Such changes of season really pull on me to freshen the house. Of course the plans that dance in my head are always bigger than my real time expereince will every allow but it does not mean I cannot dream.. no?

Right now I am dreaming about:
Repainting the living room, trim and all. This would be a HUGE project and so quite possibly folly on many fronts but the colors are just not working for me anymore and I see this project in my future.

Ways to freshen up the furniture in my livingroom.. 2 Great Danes and 3 cats are very hard on furniture and mine is really showing way more than it's age at this point.

Adding more storage to my craft and sewing studio. This one is quite possibly the easiest and more likely to actually happen. Curently I am waiting for my local craft store to get this craft shelf( featured to the right) back into stock.

But right now I am STILL suffering the effects of this freaking lung infection so honestly I am thinking that an early dinner of homemade mac & cheese, a little bit of knitting and then it will be time to snuggle under the covers with my very sexy husband and go to sleep!


Anonymous said...

the craft cabinet is very cool, love the ribbon spool.

i have no doubt that whatever project you choose, it will end up looking lovely, as always!

Katie said...

That is the cutest little shelf! It would look so great above my sewing table! hehehe
Thanks for your support and encouragement on the homeschooling thing. It's a toughie.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

over here the domestic list is:
all cd's on the computer and stored away.
revamp dresser for dvd storage.
recover 3 chairs.
touch up paint.
tile backsplashes for kitchen.

good night what a list and i thought of 8 more things while I was typing!

gail said...

i got that shelf for Christmas!!! and its still not out of its box =( today might be just the day to get it up in my craft room.