Back in the Saddle Again

The last last week was one long trail ride, and I feel very saddle-sore but very pleased with how our church events went, I was blessed to have the help of some very good friends ( Hi Kay, Jamie and Diane! plus a special thanks to my darling husband!!) I hope it means the kick off to a very good year in the church. Alas there was no yard work accomplished and the house looks worse than ever so even though it's the end of the trail for our Spring break it's but the start of more work for me.

And as long as I am talking about work I am going to mention that today is the start of the GREAT-WEIGHT-ESCAPE. I have twenty pounds that must leave... folks that it like carrying around four, five pound bags of flour with me everywhere I go! I want to feel better and it would not hurt the way I look to get this extra weight off. So.. if you care to join me feel free to check in each day .. I hope to post up my journey starting tomorrow with how much I weigh. I hoped to weigh-in today but found out that my scale needs new batteries since I while I know I have gained some weight I KNOW I don't weigh 999 as my scale says :) For today it's going to be about stocking the kitchen with healthy food and getting my diabetes meds balanced out.

In crafting news I did get a few things done in the few spare moments that I found and will be getting those pictures up. I have a cool print to give away and even took a few brain dead moments last night to make some jewelery that makes me very happy. So check back in... I hope to make it a very good week!


Anonymous said...

ACK! Only 20 lbs?? I don't think I can fit the amount of flour sack pictures that would equal my extra least not in my side column. But, I will join you in the 20. At least it is a start. You caught me on a "I just weighed myself pity party" Monday. Weird though.. I am one healthy fat person. My cholesterol is excellent (especially the good stuff), no hypertension and no diabetes. I don't get it. And Diabetic Hubby is jealous. No excuse though. I. Am. Fat. I need to lose it. Does this post fall under hogging your blog??

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Oh no my dear... if you asked my doc I need to lose way more than 20.. but honestly I am quite happy when I weigh 180.. so that is where I am shooting for. if I get arther fine, if be it!


Anonymous said...

count me in.
just don't tell anyone how Much more than twenty i need to lose.

(by the way, the event(s) at church were so lovely. it really made everyone feel part of something special.)

martha miller said...

Have you heard of the Schwarzbein Principle? I've been on this diet for over a year and highly recommend it. Google Diana Schawrzbein for info. It's all about whole foods, balanced meals, and balanced snacks. No sugar. no white flour.
I am on the diet for hormone balance, not weight loss, but it can be a weight loss diet, an it can help with diabetes.