Cozy Toes!...just a peek!

Spring might be here but with it has come some very wet and chilly evenings and Nothing besides running out of hot water in the shower makes me crankier than feeling the chill that comes with such weather. I am not comfortable with using a plug-in heating pad over night so a bit of turning back of the clock is in order. Enter the old fashioned hot water bottle! While having a long history I don't think you could call it glamorous. I have distinct memories of growing up with a bubble-gum pink bottle in our bathroom cabinet and at one point I took a marker to it and made it look like a pig; mom was not happy, but then she was not a big supporter of the arts. So when I went looking for a bottle I had something in mind but it was harder to find than I thought it would be and uglier and more *rubber* smelling than I remembered so of course I had to make a cozy for it!..

The first step was tracing the bottle (sorry , forgot to take a photo of that!) next was pulling out some very cute pink wool that had given it's life for a felting experiment and cutting out the pattern with the top of the bottle oriented on the bottom ribbing to take advantage of it being a nice finish.
In the photo you can see the ribbing and it worked out just perfectly.
Of course since I can't leave well enough alone a little rick rack never hurts! I did hand sew this on since I love to hand sew, but did use some liquid stitch to hold it in place.
And there I must let you use your imagination since my camera ran out of batteries. But never fear!.. I have actually drafted a pattern which I will have up to give away to anyone else who gets all hot and bothered that they must too have their own water bottle cover. .. sit tight, it might take a week or so for me to get it posted.


Anonymous said...

I love this idea! Cute and practical (and something I might actually be able to do). Thanks for sharing!

Very Mary said...

My gosh woman, I love your geeky ways. If you weren't married, I just might propose!